The Rise Above My Father's Abandonment

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The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment

The Rise Above My Father's Abandonment

    If you ever wondered what happens to a child after abuse without any intervention, left to live on, Clayton’s book is a revealing picture of a child trying to be normal, and that child growing into adulthood feeling different, locked in a prison of fear, insecure in identity, feeling no one cares, not even her father and the discovery she had a real purpose in life beyond all the negative things that had happened in her early childhood. 

    The title “The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment” was appealing since I also had been abandoned by my father. Other than that, I’m not sure if I would have chosen this particular read. This little girl grows up trying to re-create a life, one where she can live, be happy, be fearless only to find her life has come to a halt but through a spiritual encounter, this voice presence, she gathers the courage to journey back through childhood to uncover the roots of sexual abuse, rape and incest.

    There were a lot of thoughts that went through my mind as I began to read through the first few pages of "The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment." The opening slowed me down a bit with terms I was not familiar with, like crab factory, picking crab meat out of shells. After I got pass that my imagination awakened and the child’s voice kept wooing me to keep reading. I caught the wave of the little girl and as much as I wanted to put it down I couldn’t. I was curious.

The Rise Above My father's Abandonment

    If the reader is really ready to make change, to rise up and conquer the past, The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment is a good choice; however, if not, leave this book in the store and continue to be confined to the prison of your past. It is clear all throughout the journey Clayton is pressing on no matter what in order to complete the story.

    Clayton’s candidness, without being graphic, pulls you, the reader, in and takes your breath away, as she shares the depth of her heart, thoughts and pain. The reader feels like they are right there with her. The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment is inspirational and even Clayton’s spiritual declarations at times, it is not religiously overbearing.

    The structure of the content makes for quick reading, using short sentences helps to ease the reader through the difficult moments when Blondie Clayton struggles herself to go on, but the reader finds all the more reason to continue.

    What I found powerful to the healing process Clayton demonstrates in her special way using the voice guide, the life changing effects of confession/confrontation in healing. To this reader/reviewer’s surprise, I was particularly struck by the voice guide knowing so much about Clayton, things she admits she had never told anyone. 

The Rise Above My Father’s Abandonment is based on Clayton’s life experience/ names and locations 
were changed to protect identities.

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